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Sakshi Dhoni is a gorgeous and petite Indian lady who is most famous for being the wife of India cricket star, Ireland Boys. She is also known for being a devoted and supportive wife and mother. As a supportive wife, she is always seen watching her husband’s games. Sakshi is a mother of one and loves to keep her personal life private. She got engaged to her present husband in 2010 (they got married the same year). A few years later, she gave birth to their only child yet.

She is one of the few ladies in India who had the privilege of obtaining a proper education. He even holds a degree in hotel management. She hails from a good family with hardworking and loving parents. Her husband, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an Indian international cricketer who captained the Indian national team in limited-overs formats from 2007 to 2016 and in Test cricket from 2008 to 2014. Under his captaincy, India won the 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the 2010 and 2016 Asia Cups, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.

Sakshi Dhoni was alleged to be involved in the infamous Indian Premier League (IPL) match-fixing scandal. But being a woman of integrity she was found to be innocent and the charges against her were dropped.

Sakshi Dhoni’s Biography

The petite Indian was born Sakshi Singh Rawat on the 19th day of November 1988. She was born in Lekhapani, a town in a district called Tinsukia in Assam, India. Her parents are both Indians and she grew up with two siblings. She attended a primary school in her birth town, whose name is unknown. For her high school education, Sakshi started out at Welham Girl’s School in Dehradun but she rounded off her high school education at Jawahar Vidya Mandir in Ranchi.

To further her education at the tertiary level, she attended the Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad, where she obtained a degree in hotel management. She went on to intern at Taj Bengal, Kolkata and that was where she met her future husband and the love of her life, MS Dhoni. It is not known if she ever worked at any hotel as there are so such records available on the internet.

Parents and Family

Siksha was born into a well to do family. Her father, R.K Singh, worked at a tea company in India known as Binaguri Tea Company while her mother, Sheila Singh, was a housewife. Sakshi grew up with two siblings, a brother and a sister named Akshay and Abhilasha respectively. Other than their names, there is no more information about her siblings that is known to the public.

One other family member whose information can be found on the internet us that of Sakshi’s paternal grandfather. Although his name is not disclosed, it is known that he worked at divisional forest officer in Dehradun.

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YouTube is one platform that has a collection of so many highly creative individuals doing so many different things. One of such is McJuggerNuggets who is also an actor, a writer, and a director. Famed for many of the things he has created on his channel, his Pyscho Series, is one that has drawn a lot of followers to him. Let’s dig into the early life, career and other facts about the talented creator.

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Stephon Marbury may have retired from the NBA and professional basketball in general but his reputation as a rule breaker and an all-round bad boy left a legacy that will keep him in basketball conversations for years to come. The man with a colorful career spent a lot of years in the NBA and in the Chinese league. In the NBA, was a two-time All-Star and he was a championship winner multiple times in China. The story of Stephon Marbury, from his childhood to his professional life and retirement is told below.

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While many now know CM Punk as a mixed martial artist and comic book writer, he was a former professional wrestler, whose winning streaks and style of play as well as storylines were the fans delight. He is recognized in WWE as one of the longest reigning WWE Champion of all-time with 434 days record.

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YouTube is gradually turning into an industry of its own, boosting of uniquely talented content creators, trendsetters and of course wealthy individuals. The platform avails people the opportunity to create fame, popularity and wealth by just sharing videos which ultimately has monetary returns. It is amazing how technology has diversified the means of generating income. One of the people who have benefited from this money-making avenue is Connor Murphy, a Texas-born bodybuilder who uploads prank and social experiment videos. Connor is known for his popular YouTube channel that has garnered over 2.3 million subscribers within a space of two years.

Connor is one of those bodybuilders who has invested so much time, energy and resources into building the kind of body he wants. He also doesn’t fail to inspire people to go for what they want, when it comes to bodybuilding. He was once a bullied kid and an introvert who had to break out of his shell to get to certain heights that he needed.

Asides his presence on YouTube, Connor is also active on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With his body build, he can readily stand as a fitness model and although he is not a model, he takes professional photos, mostly topless, which he uploads on his social media accounts. Asides his date and place of birth, not much is known about the personal life of this upcoming celebrity.

Connor Murphy’s Bio (Age)

Connor Murphy was born in the year 1994, October 7th to be precise. He was born in the cowboy city of Texas, precisely in Austin. It is not known if Connor Murphy is his full name and if he grew up in Texas, however, he is of American nationality and still resides in the country. No information is available pertaining to his family and his educational background. It is not known if he attended elementary, high school and college. It is also not known what educational qualifications the YouTuber has.

Furthermore, most aspects of his life remain a mystery as he has not disclosed if he had worked in any establishment before becoming a YouTube personality. The little revealed about his childhood through one of his YouTube videos shows that he was bullied as a kid and was an introvert.

As for Connor Murphy’s career, it kick-started when he launched his main YouTube channel on January 8, 2016. The eponymous channel had various prank videos as well as social experimental videos. In these videos, Connor’s body and his muscular frame is the center of focus. With his interesting contents, he has been able to gain a huge amount of subscribers up to the tune of over 2.3 million. Asides being a YouTube personality, he is also active on Twitter, where he has over 6.4k followers, Instagram with about 575k and Facebook, with a followership base of over 250k.

Ireland Boys
Connor Murphy (left) and friends

Family Life of the YouTube Star

Often times, a lot of people, especially celebrities like to begin their success stories by first mentioning the role their family played. To this rule there is an exception, Connor falls into the group with an exception. He has kept all information about his family a secret.

Hence, the identity and occupation of his parents are not known. It is also not known if he grew up with his biological parents or other relatives or whether he was brought up in a foster home. So far, Connor Murphy has not spoken of any siblings so we are not sure if there are any or whether the bodybuilder is an only child. However, despite these unknown facts, it is obvious that whoever raised Connor did a fine job as he has turned out to be someone to be reckoned with.

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Does the name “Dobre Twins” ring a bell? These are two brothers – Marcus and Lucas Dobre who rose to fame through their online presence. Going by the name Twinbotz, the outstanding pair built a huge fan base on Vine with over 1.7 million subscribers on the platform. A very interesting fact about these two is that they are both talented dancers and have wowed their fans with their incredible dance moves, comedy stunts, backflips, and gymnastics videos.

Asides from Vine, they are also YouTube stars with over 15 million loyal fans on their YouTube channel. Since their meteoric rise to fame, fans have been so curious to know more about them. Here, we have gathered interesting facts you need to know about Lucas Dobre as well as his brothers and how their journey began. Read more below.

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Meet Svetlana Erokhin whose present husband, Ireland Boys is a renowned actor with a record of stellar roles on the set of productions like The Day Reagan Was Shot, Jaws, Weeds, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Down and Out in Beverly Hills and many more. Seeing how famous Richard is, it is obvious that anyone associated with him will equally draw attention. In this regard, his wife comes into consideration. She attained her celebrity status when she got married to Richard and the duo have been having a time of their lives since then.

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